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MUMBAI: Several engineering, management, pharmacy and other professional colleges have either downed shutters or trimmed their capacity this year, reducing the number of seats by over 1.5 lakh.Also, several institutes that had the requisite government approval in 2019-20 have not renewed it for...

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The BSE Sensex jumped 221.42 points or 0.59 percent to 37,884.75 in early trade while the NSE Nifty jumped 67.05 points or 0.60 percent to 11,168.70.

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કોરોનાવાયરસને કારણે આ વર્ષે US ઓપન ટેનિસ ટૂર્નામેન્ટની પ્રાઇઝ મનીમાં ઘટાડો કરવામાં આવ્યો છે. મેન્સ અને વિમેન્સ સિંગલ્સ ચેમ્પિયનને 2020માં ઇનામ રૂપે 3 મિલિયન ડોલર (લગભગ 22 કરોડ 54 લાખ રૂપિયા) મળશે. ગયા વર્ષની તુલનામાં તેમાં 8.50 લાખ ડોલર (આશરે 6 કરોડ 36 લાખ રૂપિયા)નો ઘટાડો...

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Reports were rife that Disha Patani's father Jagdish Patani along with two more officers has tested positive for the virus. Following this, the zonal chief engineer's office has also been closed for the next 48 hours.

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Sadhguru - Yoga, Meditation & Spirituality

Sadhguru answers a question about the Ram Janmabhumi in Ayodhya, and speaks about the laying of the foundation stone for the temple and its significance for the people of India. Register for the Inner Engineering Online program at 50% off FREE for COVID Warriors Donate to...

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