Trust key for Capgemini India CEO in WFH mode

Working from home is not an entirely new concept for Ashwin Yardi, CEO of Capgemini India. “Even before the lockdown, we had enabled work from home for 95 per cent of our colleagues across all locations in India.Trust is an important element while leading a remote workforce. It involves encouraging a culture of carrying on tasks with minimum supervision. I try to inculcate this among senior executives. It has a trickle-down effect at all levels of the organisation. Managing a remote workforce requires empathy and authenticity in every communication,” he tells ETPanache.Yardi likes simplicity and so, he leans on few tools to manage work. “I use Microsoft Teams and Skype for meetings. Other than that, our IT infrastructure has been scaled up to maintain productivity.”Separating professional from personalA dedicated office in his Mumbai home helps the Capgemini India CEO demarcate between office hours and family time. “I dress up in smart casuals while working from home, just as I would for office,” Yardi shared.What he does miss are the face-to-face chats and jovial banter at the office.Food for the mind and bodyAn early riser, the Capgemini India CEO starts his day with tea and some reading. “Then I sweat it out with fitness, usually doing a six to seven km run. My professional day starts around 9 am and then goes on till late evening. I then spend time with family, watching television and eating dinner together,” he said.Weekends are spent on house chores. “I have not been able to swim and continue my game of squash. I am getting back to my fitness routine with early morning jogging and an evening or night walk,” he said. Yardi tries to eat healthy, with just the occasional indulgence.“I meditate every day for 30 minutes. I have been able to devour many books on my ‘must read’ list – 'The Gene' by Siddhartha Mukherjee, 'Hit Refresh' by Satya Nadella and '21 Lessons for the 21st Century' by Yuval Noah Harari. On a lighter note, my culinary skills have moved up a few notches too,” he says.