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Kashmiri journalist's hilarious jibe on Indo-Pak dispute wins internet; calls neighbouring nation 'jilted lover'

Kashmiri journalist's hilarious jibe on Indo-Pak dispute wins internet; calls neighbouring nation 'jilted lover'

India and Pakistan have been fiercely contesting each other over the territorial dispute related to Kashmir for decades which also resulted in three major and two minor wars.

While the revolt continues to surface with India and Pakistan laying their claims to the region since their independence from British rule, it has also claimed the lives of thousands.

Notably, the ‘Kashmir dispute’ is yet to be resolved, seemingly as Pakistan is known for being involved in terrorist and illegal activities. At a time when Pakistan continues to deny its involvement in any kind of illegalities and making its claim over Kashmir, a Kashmiri activist’s hilarious take on the Kashmir dispute will leave you in splits.

In a video going viral on social media, a Srinagar-based activist Yana Mir was seen referring ‘Kashmir’ to a ‘married woman’ and ‘Pakistan’ to a ‘jilted lover’ who denies accepting ‘Kashmir’s marriage with India’. It was during a video debate between Yana Mir and two Pakistani journalists, Fakhar Yousafzai and Arzoo Kazmi.

‘Kashmir is happy with her husband (India)’

While the video begins with the Pakistani journalist trying to argue over why the ongoing dispute between both countries should be brought to an end stating that there are many more issues in the world. As Yousafzai added ‘India and Pakistan seemingly don’t want to end this’, Yana Mir gave a befitting response with a hilarious example. Calling ‘Kashmir’ a ‘married woman’ and ‘Pakistan’ the ‘jilted lover’, she said that the “interfering boyfriend needs to stop.”

“Suppose, you are in love with a girl who is married to somebody. And now you repeatedly go to the international forums claiming that she is not happy with her husband whereas the woman claims that she is happy with her husband,” she said. Adding more to her analogy, Mir further compared India to an ‘angry husband’ who now wants to take action against the ‘jilted lover’ for bothering his wife.

Watch the video:

Pak reporters talking on Kashmir. This is hilarious.

— Judish Raj (@JudishRaj) January 20, 2023

Shared on Twitter, the video has left social media users in splits. People took to the comment section and shared some hilarious reactions. A user wrote, “Yana Mir gives nice examples”, while another user wrote, “Sahi baat hai. issue very aptly explained.”

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