Ayurvedic treatment for heel pain - Dr. Priya Jain

Heel pain may due no:of reasons like planterfaciatis, calcaneal spur and many other. Calcaneus is bone of the heel and when you have a spur or calcaneal deposition at that point it is called as calcaneal spur. It is a thorny feeling when a patient walks, for this the black, red whatever mud you get from gujarat you have to make a rod from it and the rod is heated upto a point directly in the gas and make it hot and at the area of pain you have to place it for around 20-30 seconds till the patient can bear it and then clean it with water. this is a best remedy for calcaneal spur. Another effective treatment for calcaneal spur is for non diabetic patients, in this method the brick is needed which is made red hot, it is put on a iron pan and keep our leg above it and pour rice water on our leg.