Aloo Tuk Recipe | सिंधी स्पेशल आलू टूक | Fried Potatoes | Indian Food Recipes | Lockdown Cooking

Subscribe to Kitchen Tikka for more Desi Tadka recipes: Learn this easy lockdown recipe and make these yummy Aloo Tuks in no time. Also, subscribe to Kitchen Tikka Hindi for many more easy and quick Indian Food Recipes. Aloo Tuk or Fried Potatoes is a famous dish prepared by the Sindhi community. It is a simple dish with few ingredients and is prepared within minutes. All you need to make this is boiled potatoes, oil for frying, salt to taste and red chilly powder. This is a dish prepared by frying the boiled potatoes, this gives the makes the crust of the potatoes crispy leaving the inside of the potatoes soft and moist. It is then sprinkled with red chilly powder, it can also be sprinkled with different Indian spices such as dhaniya powder (coriander powder) and amchoor powder (mango powder) to add a tangy flavor to the potatoes. Aloo Tuk is a side dish or a quick snack. It tastes best when eaten hot. It is prepared in almost all Sindhi households on Sundays and relished with Sindhi curry and rice. More Easy Lockdown Recipes: Easy to Make Home-Cooked Food Recipes in Hindi: Types of Parathas with Kitchen Tikka Hindi: Paneer Sabzi recipes with Kitchen Tikka Hindi: About Channel: Kitchen Tikka Hindi is your one stop destination to get the best of tried and tested Indian food recipes that are simple to make and yummy to taste. So learn these recipes in minutes and impress everyone around you! किचन टिक्का है एक ऐसी चैनल जो आपको सिखाती हैं बेहद आसान और स्वादिष्ट देसी रेसिपीज । आईये, बनाइये और सबको रिझाइये |