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Use these tips to learn English fast
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We can always choose between working harder or working smarter. Learning English is no exception, the more we practice the faster we can implement new techniques. Just put your mind into it and use these secrets to help you in the journey!

(1) Set yourself targets and have clear goals
To maintain perspective and stay motivated you need to bear in mind why you’re doing what you’re doing. What are your targets? For example, being able to study in English, to learn a new language, etc. What are your goals? How long do you want to spend learning English, how will you know when you’ve got to a point that you’re happy with?

(2) Don't read at first
Audio and video are always better than books to study from as you can hear the right pronunciation. If you see new words in a book, it can be difficult to know how to say them. Usually this means your pronunciation will be really bad.

(3) Don't translate 'word for word'
If you’re translating every single word that you hear into your native language then you’re really slowing your progress down. Instead, hone in on the words that you do understand and use all the contextual clues happening in the conversation, from gestures and facial expressions, through to any images or actions that are taking place at the same time.

(4) Forget about writing
You don’t need to learn to write. How much of your daily communication is speaking / listening? How much is reading / writing? That’s the same balance you should use when learning English.

(5) Take an online course
Taking an online course that can help to keep you focused as it gives you a reason to show up and concentrate on your learning. Pick a topic of your expertise and try to master your English in this field.

(6) Forget about perfect grammar
Perfect grammar is important if you plan to write in a language. For speaking a language fluently, it’s not as important. Learn the basics of sentence structure and that’s all you need.

(7) Listen to everything
If you listen only in the context of strict grammar structures or words on their own then you’ll find it harder to progress. It’s far better to learn to understand phrases, as this is what will give you fluency. You can do this by listening to English films, TV, audiobooks and radio – you’ll be able to pick up on understanding actual English rather than book learning.

(8) Practice English every day
Motivation is want really matters! There are a wide range of podcasts and available applications online that can help you learn English quickly. Find what you like and practice every day.

Time codes:
0:00 If you want to speak English like a native
0:57 You NEED to have clear goals
3:00 Why reading in English doesn't help
4:05 Don't translate "word for word"
5:23 Why writing doesn't help either
6:29 Become an expert in your area of expertise
8:14 Forget about perfect grammar! Concentrate on this instead
9:22 Replace reading with listening
9:44 Practice make perfect

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