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Haiti protesters take the day to gather food and water as they prepare for more possible conflict

Protesters in Haiti's capital have taken the day to gather food, water and fuel, pressing pause on deadly demonstrations that have been calling for President Jovenel Moise's resignation.

Missionaries and nurses trapped in Haiti as protests sweep country

A group of 24 Canadian missionaries and another of nurses are among visitors stranded in Haiti by ongoing street protests sweeping through the Caribbean country.

Nigerians react with anger and confusion after presidential elections postponed

It had been a long election campaign, fiercely contested and marked by flashes of violence, but Nigerians were finally looking forward to casting their votes in what is the largest democratic exercise in Africa.

US aid lands in Colombia as part of effort to deliver supplies to Venezuela

A second wave of US aid arrived Saturday at the Colombian-Venezuelan border in the midst of Venezuela's humanitarian crisis.

Chinese customers accuse Spanish bank BBVA of racism

Spain's second-largest bank has apologized after hundreds of Chinese customers accused the group of racism for freezing their bank accounts without warning.

Is AI the future of education?

One UAE-based tech company, Alef Education, is hoping to answer that question with their educational AI platform. But there's debate over whether the benefits outweigh potential privacy concerns and increased screen time.

Uber turns to boats to beat Mumbai's terrible traffic

Uber is offering a new way to beat traffic jams in one of the world's most congested cities — speedboats.

India is building a city from scratch

India is building a new city to give global investors an easy way into its booming economy.

Robot valets head to London

Travelers flying out of London's Gatwick Airport may soon have a robot parking their car.

Alibaba's 'City Brain' uses AI to kill traffic

Traffic used to be a frequent headache for residents in Hangzhou, the eastern Chinese city that's home to Alibaba.

How the tragedy of Appie Nouri changed Ajax for ever

"You never know [how good he could have been]," says a visibly emotional Danny Blind, Ajax's former manager and the head of its academy, as he remembers the impact Abdelhak Nouri had at the Dutch club.

In a league of his own, Hirscher is the skier that 'can't lose'

How do you judge greatness in sport? Can you even compare athletes from different eras? Two classic bar room topics with no finite answers.

Bird ready to soar after dream start to season

Sam Bird says he's still pinching himself ahead of this weekend's Mexico City E-Prix after his stunning start to the Formula E season propelled him to the top of the drivers' standings.

'Horse Barber' creating equine art

By combining her two passions, Melody Hames produces some of the most unexpected and spectacular designs in the equine world.

Mikaela Shiffrin braves CNN quickfire quiz

Quiet night in or big night out? Heels or sneakers? Olympic gold or an overall World Cup title?

Vonn's G.O.A.T. tribute cake

The last eight days have proven typically eventful in the life and times of Lindsey Vonn.

From S. Sudanese refugee to supermodel

I don't remember much about my earliest years, but certain vivid memories linger: the scorching yet still comforting heat of the African sun, the rich brown color of Kenyan land, adults from backgrounds different than mine helping others with daily needs, and most of all, the carefree laughter and pitter-pattering footsteps from children like myself, never ceasing as we danced in our own little universes.

Rise of India's lavish wedding culture

When it comes to elaborate nuptials, few can rival the mega-weddings of India's super-rich.

Unseen photos of America's early 'working girls'

Women in sexual professions have always distinguished themselves from other women, from the mores of the time, by pushing the boundaries of style. The most celebrated concubines and courtesans in history set the trends in their respective courts. The great dames of burlesque -- Sally Rand, Gypsy Rose Lee -- boasted a signature style on- and offstage, reflecting broader-than-life personalities.

Why was this car hidden away for 30 years?

If this car could talk, it would describe a road to fame with all the twists and turns of a Hollywood plot.

Italian town will pay you $10,000 to move in

Tempted by the recent offer of an Italian home for just over a $1? Well, you might want to hold out for a better deal.

This could be world's biggest superyacht

Just when you thought superyacht designs couldn't get any more extravagant, along comes one to blow the others clean out of the water.

The city where it's normal to be different

The Summer of Love may be one for the history books, but you can't get far in San Francisco without being reminded of what it once was.

He donated blood every week for 60 years and saved the lives of 2.4 million babies

Most people, when they retire, get a gold watch. James Harrison deserves so much more than that.

After one woman saved Chicago's homeless from the cold, an army of strangers followed her lead

A single act of generosity was multiplied again and again this week after a Good Samaritan paid for hotel rooms to shelter homeless Chicagoans from a historic and potentially deadly cold snap.