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China's economy is getting worse. That makes a trade deal more likely

China's economic slowdown keeps getting worse. That could give the country incentive to repair its trading relationship with the United States and take more steps to stimulate its economy.

Botched Kavanaugh story the latest in series of blunders from Times' Opinion section

The New York Times was reeling on Monday after its Opinion section fumbled a high-profile story about an allegation of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, drawing widespread criticism and condemnation of the newspaper.

Top Canadian police official charged with espionage

A senior Canadian police intelligence official charged with espionage-related offenses had access secret information from both domestic and international allies it was confirmed Monday.

Luxembourg PM rips Brexit 'nightmare' as Johnson abandons press conference

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson canceled an appearance at a press conference in Luxembourg amid noisy protests nearby.

Trump tax returns subpoenaed by Manhattan district attorney

New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance's office has subpoenaed eight years of President Donald Trump's tax returns from Mazars USA, the longtime accounting firm to Trump and the Trump Organization, as part of its investigation into hush money payments, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Most massive neutron star ever detected almost shouldn't exist

Astronomers have detected the most massive neutron star ever, and it almost shouldn't even exist.

10-year-old who contracted brain-eating amoeba while swimming has died

A Texas girl has died after battling a brain-eating amoeba for more than a week, according to her family and school.

Babies born with deformed hands spark investigation in Germany

Authorities in Germany are investigating the birth of three children with hand deformities in a city in the west of the country.

Florida is looking to hire 50 new citizen python hunters

No, this is not an announcement about a new reality show on TLC.

Banksy's chimp-filled Parliament up for sale amid Brexit chaos

As Britain's political system remains in Brexit turmoil, a Banksy painting of the House of Commons overrun by chimpanzees is to go on sale in London next month.

Trump may no longer be the gift that keeps on giving for Netanyahu

Just as the Sabbath was ending on Saturday night in Israel, US President Donald Trump made one more foray into Israeli politics from Washington, DC.

Elon Musk defends calling rescue worker a 'pedo'

Elon Musk is hoping to put an end to a defamation lawsuit filed against him after he called a rescue worker in Thailand a "pedo guy."

This is the world's busiest airport

Once again, Atlanta rules the world.

What it's like to own a superyacht

It's a lifestyle most of us can only daydream about -- speeding through crystalline seas on a private floating palace, sipping cocktails with views of islands and open ocean, the sun beating down on the pool deck.

'SNL' fires new hire after racist comments come to light

"Saturday Night Live" has fired one of its most recent hires, Shane Gillis, just days after videos of comedian making bigoted comments came to light.

Is this the new Ronaldo? Or is that 'unfair'?

At just 19-years old, João Felix has the football world at his feet.

Dr Who star says he was anorexic while in the role

Christopher Eccleston, the British actor who starred as the ninth Doctor in the long-running sci-fi series "Doctor Who," has spoken out about his struggle with anorexia and suicidal depression.

Congo's ex-health minister detained over alleged abuse of Ebola funds

Former Democratic Republic of Congo health minister Oly Ilunga has been detained over allegations of mismanaging public funds worth $4.3 million that were allocated to fighting the Ebola outbreak in the country, one of his lawyers told CNN on Monday.

Prince Harry praises gay rugby star forced to disclose HIV status

Britain's Prince Harry has thrown his support behind Gareth Thomas, after the Welsh rugby star was forced to go public with his HIV-positive status.

The way you vape could make it even more dangerous

In the wake of six deaths and 380 cases of confirmed and probable lung disease across the US, the Trump administration has called for banning most flavored e-cigarettes because of their huge appeal to young people.

TV pundit fired for racist Lukaku comments

Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku has once again been the target of a racist episode in Italy -- but this time on television, with a TV commentator sacked after making shockingly abusive remarks about the Belgian international on air.

Man who dragged shark to death in viral video is sentenced

A man involved in a viral video showing him laughing and smiling as a shark gets dragged to death behind a high-speed boat in Florida was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

Rod Stewart speaks out about three-year battle with cancer

Rock star Rod Stewart has revealed he has successfully been treated for prostate cancer after fighting the disease for three years.

K-Pop superstars BTS are back, a month after announcing their extended break

Only last month they announced they were taking "an official and extended period of rest and relaxation."

Why are fans in Japan going wild for Wales?

You could be forgiven for thinking that you were in the center of Cardiff on an international match day due to the number of buildings proudly decorated with Welsh flags and buses emblazoned with the faces of Alun Wyn Jones and Leigh Halfpenny.

What is White Claw, and why is America running out of it?

America is running out of White Claw hard seltzer, and the shortage might not end until next year.

Woman swallows engagement ring in her sleep

A woman found herself at an urgent care center after she swallowed her engagement ring in her sleep. CNN's affiliate KGTV has more.

The team turning soccer into 'art'

Lille's return to the Champions League after a seven-year absence is thanks, in part, to a little bit of football "art."

Church sues man for share of $2.5M treasure trove found on its land

The Church of Scotland is suing a man for a share of a $2.5 million Viking treasure trove he discovered with a metal detector on church land in 2014.

The 25 most relatable 'Friends' episodes as the show turns 25

"Friends," the ubiquitous sitcom about six New York City companions, turns 25 this year.

London Design Fair declares "biomaterials" its material of the year

A jet-black resin produced by honeybees is blown like glass into otherworldly vases. Animal tissues from a bloodless lab are grown into leather-like fabrics. And multicolored husks of heirloom corn take on a new life as jigsaw-patterned furniture.

David de Gea signs new contract at Manchester United

David de Gea has pledged his future to Manchester United after signing a deal that will keep him at the club until 2023 with the option for a further year.

Animals show their funny side for the 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

There are some joke tellers that only a few people find funny, but a true comedy genius will have the whole world laughing.

The secret ingredient in Vietnam's most indulgent bowl of pho

Pho is arguably the single most famous dish in Vietnamese cuisine.

Victoria Beckham launches new beauty line

Fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has expanded her brand into the beauty industry, launching her own line, Victoria Beckham Beauty, online on Saturday.

Remember when Björk wore a swan dress at the Oscars?

In one of the oddest red carpet moments of all time, the Icelandic singer arrived in a faux swan dress, "laid" some oversized eggs and made fashion history.

If it is confirmed Iran was behind the Saudi oil attacks, safe options are scarce and warnings abound: 'The entire region will burn'

After this weekend's attacks on the world's largest oil processing plant, the questions are simple: Who did it, from where and what will the response be?

'Locked and loaded' asks you to defy common sense

On Sunday night, President Donald Trump tweeted this:

Trump criticizes media for accurately reporting his comments on Iran

In a tweet on Sunday, President Donald Trump said, "The Fake News is saying that I am willing to meet with Iran, 'No Conditions.' That is an incorrect statement (as usual!)."

Oil shock hits a global economy that's on shaky ground

Washington and Beijing are locked in a bitter trade war involving tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods. Consumer and business sentiment is suffering as global manufacturing contracts.

Australian man dies after bird attack

A cyclist died in Australia on Sunday after being startled by a swooping magpie, a native Australian bird that gets aggressive in the spring around breeding season.

The Cars lead singer found dead

• People we've lost in 2019

Peter Bergen: Trump gets amnesia on Iran

The leaders of Iran have reason to be confused about what President Trump's goals are when it comes to their country. Trump pulled the United States out of the Iranian nuclear deal last year and then imposed draconian new sanctions on Iran. In June, Trump ordered military strikes against Iran and then called them off at the last minute. Trump has also said he would sit down with the Iranian leadership without preconditions, but now he appears to have reversed himself.

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