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Why coronavirus is making people hoard illegal drugs

It's not just toilet roll that people are panic buying. Some illegal drug users are reportedly stockpiling their substance of choice as restrictions intended to stop the spread of coronavirus disrupt the international supply chain.

Trump put American lives in China's hands

American lives are in China's hands.

Coronavirus sparks a 'war for masks' in desperate global scramble for protection

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across Europe and the United States, a global scramble for medical equipment such as respirator masks and gloves is underway. Several countries have accused the United States of trying to hijack their orders, but the details of who may have done what to whom are still murky.

Doctors say India must prepare for an 'onslaught'

One of Asia's biggest slums has confirmed its first coronavirus death as top Indian doctors warn that the country must prepare to face an "onslaught" of cases that could cripple the health system to levels far beyond what Europe and the United States are experiencing.

Coral Princess docks in Miami with 2 dead and several ill of coronavirus

The Coral Princess cruise ship docked Saturday at Florida's PortMiami with two guests dead and several others ill from Covid-19, officials said, after an weekslong search for a port that would let its passengers disembark.

Bodies are being left in the streets in an overwhelmed city

• Shocking video shows 'morbid new reality'

Shocking video shows 'morbid new reality' in Ecuador

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across South America, Ecuador is coping with a rising death toll. CNN's Matt Rivers reports.

Sergio Rossi, 'master' Italian shoe designer, dies of coronavirus complications at 84

Revered women's shoe designer Sergio Rossi has died of coronavirus complications at the age of 84, according to the Maurizio Bufalini Hospital in Cesena, in northern Italy.

New UK opposition leader elected

The UK's main opposition Labour party has elected Keir Starmer as its new leader.

Trump says some states aren't in jeopardy from the virus, denies saying it would go away by April

President Donald Trump made yet another series of inaccurate or misleading claims at a coronavirus briefing on Friday.

Most people recover from Covid-19. Here's why it's hard to pinpoint exactly how many

It's a question that many want answered: Exactly how many people recover from Covid-19?

Asian men's hairlines are receding faster than ever before

Despite his father having an "m-shaped" hairline, Alex Han from northeast China never thought he'd experience hair loss in his 20s.

Trump fires intelligence community watchdog who told Congress about whistleblower complaint

President Donald Trump on Friday fired Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who had told Congress about the whistleblower complaint that led to Trump's impeachment, the President told Congress in a letter obtained by CNN.

Naval boat rams cruise liner, sinks itself

A Venezuelan naval boat picked and lost a fight with a passenger cruise liner off the country's northern coast this week, ramming it several times before accidentally taking on water and sinking.

Coronavirus sparks a 'war for masks' as accusations fly

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across Europe and the United States, a global scramble for protective equipment such as masks and gloves is underway. In France they are calling it the "guerre des masques" -- the war of the masks.

Kobe Bryant headlines Hall of Fame class

Kobe Bryant, a five-time NBA champion and the fourth all-time leading scorer in league history, has been posthumously elected into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.

Olympic hopeful may file for unemployment after 2020 postponement

Like many Americans around the country, Gwen Berry is weighing her financial options.

South Korean island suing tourists who visited while having coronavirus symptoms

The provincial government of Jeju Island, South Korea, is suing two women who visited the island on vacation despite the younger one having symptoms of coronavirus.

Pandemic thriller, once rejected by publishers for being unrealistic, is getting released

What happens when a once-rejected dystopian novel turns into reality? Ask Scottish author Peter May.

CNN anchor: I've lost 13 pounds in 3 days from Covid-19

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta speak to Chris Cuomo about his coronavirus symptoms and how he's been coping at home with the illness.

Welsh raider Potters Corner wins Virtual Grand National

Potters Corner won Saturday's Virtual Grand National, foiling pre-race favorite Tiger Roll in his bid for an unprecedented third straight victory, in a computer simulation of the famous steeplechase that had been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bus driver posted angry video about coughing passenger. He died days later.

A bus driver in Detroit shared a video expressing his frustration with a passenger who was not taking proper precautions to prevent the spread of any illnesses. Days later, that bus driver, Jason Hargrove, died.

Woman played her husband their wedding song on FaceTime as he died from coronavirus

Maura Lewinger says her husband, Joe, wrote her love letters every morning and left them in her lunch box.

Pandemic is making Earth shake less

Once-crowded city streets are now empty. Highway traffic has slowed to a minimum. And fewer and fewer people can be found milling about outside.

English Premier League players 'thrown under a PR bus' by clubs

Adored by millions of fans around the world, English Premier League footballers suddenly find themselves in an unusual position -- a lightning rod for criticism from both the public and politicians amid the coronavirus pandemic.

How to properly wipe down groceries

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta demonstrates the proper way to wipe down grocery or take-out items before bringing them into the house, and how to remove contaminated gloves without compromising your hands.

Former F1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone to be a father again at 89

Billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, 89, and wife Fabiana Flosi, 44, are expecting a baby.

He sent his mom a WhatsApp. Then their music went viral

With Barcelona on lockdown, three roommates got together and formed a band. With its catchy songs and important messages, the group soon gathered a large online following.

Celebs share favorite recipes while at home during pandemic

Celebrities have taken to social media to share their favorite recipes and cooking tips while they are staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. HLN's Melissa Knowles reports.

Robert Kennedy's granddaughter and her son missing after canoeing

Two members of the Kennedy family, Maeve Kennedy McKean and her 8-year-old son, Gideon, have been reported missing in the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, Maryland, since Thursday.

Bill Withers, 'Ain't No Sunshine' singer, dies

Bill Withers, the singer-songwriter whose soulful hits "Lean On Me," Ain't No Sunshine" and "Lovely Day" became part of the soundtrack for a generation, has died.

Early job losses hitting minorities, women, teens particularly hard

As the economy continues to hemorrhage jobs, it's becoming apparent that some groups are more at risk of unemployment than others.

Man dies after hundreds exposed to coronavirus walked around a major airport

• He collapsed in his bathroom from Covid-19. His daughter blames the government

Pink is donating $1 million to fight pandemic after weeks with coronavirus

Pink said on social media Friday that she and her son spent weeks in isolation after positive tests for Covid-19 but a few days ago they both tested negative for the deadly infection.

'Immunity certificates' proposed to allow people to move freely

• Lost your sense of smell or taste? Try this 'jellybean test'

Jared Kushner's spine-chilling new role

President Donald Trump's son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, seldom speaks to the public. Now we know why. When he stood at the White House podium on Thursday, what Americans heard was a spine-chilling performance from a believer in small government, delivered at a time when only big government can save the day.

Powerful photos of daily life under lockdown

Venturing out onto the streets of New York City, photographer Ashley Gilbertson spotted a young woman standing under an alcove in the financial district. He stopped to watch as she poked her head out a few times before emerging with an elderly man on her arm.

Experts warn footballers are facing a mental test

Jose Mourinho is pedaling on an exercise bike to the familiar beat of "Sweet Home Alabama." The Tottenham manager, far from engrossed in the workout, nonchalantly taps each thigh with the palm of his hands as his legs move up and down like a sewing machine needle. It is an unusual technique. But these are unusual times.

Billionaire bunkers: How the 1% are preparing for the apocalypse

Say "doomsday bunker" and most people would imagine a concrete room filled with cots and canned goods.

2 dead and several Covid-19 cases after party she hosted

Several people contracted Covid-19 and two others died after a reporter held a birthday party for her 90-year-old mother. Now, she's warning others not to make the same mistake.

Prince Charles gives message after Covid-19 diagnosis

Prince Charles posted a video to Twitter saying he and his wife sympathize with others during this "anxious, unprecedented" time after testing positive for Covid-19.

Hair freezing contest offers much-needed laughs

During these uncertain times, we'll take the laughs where we can get them.

Superyacht designed to vanish in the water

Superyachts are usually made to stand out, but this new cutting-edge concept is quite the opposite -- designed to blend into the background.

Why culture is so important right now

Major events around the world have been canceled or postponed as the race to contain the novel coronavirus continues. The cultural sector -- with its numerous fairs, shows and festivals -- has also been significantly impacted.

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