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Black Trump supporter has a message for the President

Kevin Martin, a Trump supporter in Pennsylvania, tells CNN's Van Jones about how he was affected by the President's racist tweets directed at four congresswomen of color. See more of Van's conversation with Martin and other voters on Saturday, July 20, at 7pm ET.

Japan election: Surge of women candidates could reshape male-dominated parliament

One of the world's most unequal parliaments could be about to get a lot more female, or ... maybe not.

China's Tiangong-2 space lab to fall to Earth in controlled demolition

China's second space lab will return to Earth in a controlled demolition Friday, according to the country's space agency.

Chinese Australian writer facing possible charges after six months in China jail

Australian authorities are seeking to confirm that a China-born Australian writer has been moved to a detention center in Beijing ahead of possible charges Friday for allegedly endangering China's national security.

A father's plea to a killer: Tell us where our daughter's remains are

At a courthouse thousands of miles from his home in China, a father pleaded with a killer to tell him where his daughter's body was last placed.

Muslim cleric who hid Christians during attacks honored in the US

The US government is honoring an 83-year-old Muslim cleric who hid 262 Christians in his home and mosque during an attack in central Nigeria.

A raging wildfire is burning nearly 7,000 acres in Arizona

• How to stay safe during this week's heatwave

Tiger Woods 'sore' and 'scraping' it around at the Open

The rain dripped from the peak of his cap as another vicious squall hit Royal Portrush.

Keilar: Trump is lying. Watch the tape.

CNN's Brianna Keilar fact checks President Trump's claim that he spoke quickly after the crowd at one of his campaign rallies chanted "send her back," aimed at Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), echoing the sentiment from Trump's recent tweets about Omar and three other Democratic congresswomen of color.

Boeing will take a $5 billion charge for its 737 Max troubles

Boeing will take a roughly $5 billion hit this quarter because of the 737 Max crisis.

Scientists have detected the earliest Big Bang molecule in space

When the universe formed during the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, the chemical reactions of the aftermath formed the first molecules. Those first molecules were crucial in helping form everything we know, but they're also absent.

Searches for racism, fascism, xenophobia rose during controversial Donald Trump rally

While President Trump's supporters were chanting "send her back!" during his rally in North Carolina Wednesday night, others were running to their dictionaries to try to get a handle on what they were witnessing.

Trump vows 'strong look' at Pentagon contract that could go to his frequent target, Amazon

President Trump said Thursday he intends to scrutinize a plan by the Pentagon that could end in a multi-billion dollar contract being awarded to Amazon.

Three men sentenced to death for killing hikers

Three men have been sentenced to death over the murder of two young Scandinavian women in Morocco, the lawyer for one of the victim's family confirmed Thursday.

Judge denies bail to Jeffrey Epstein

A federal judge on Thursday ordered Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls, to remain in jail pending trial, rejecting the multimillionaire's request to return to his Upper East Side mansion.

Pair of penguins waddles into New Zealand sushi spot

When the police call saying there's been an arrest at your business, it's usually cause for concern.

Human remains and musket balls found at Battle of Waterloo site

Archaeologists digging at a site where the 1815 Battle of Waterloo was fought have turned up human remains and musket balls, they say, which may help paint a clearer picture of what went down in what was to be the French military leader's final stand.

Watch beachgoers race to save terrified toddler toppled from inflatable duck

A witness sprang into action after the wind pushed a toddler out across a lake on an inflatable duck.

Netflix's subscriber miss could be a blip -- or a sign of hard times to come

Wall Street has no chill for Netflix after a big subscriber miss prompted an 11% drop in its stock on Thursday.

'The Lion King' roars into Disney realm of animals just like us

The new "The Lion King" hews closely to the original, standing apart with its visual realism, using computer animation to approximate the look of a nature documentary. Yet amid a golden age of that genre, as the Disney blockbuster heads toward a big opening weekend, it also reminds us how talking and otherwise anthropomorphic animals tend to be more commercially popular than the real things.

In pictures: Puerto Rico in protest

Puerto Ricans have been calling for the resignation of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló after nearly 900 pages of leaked chats from the governor's private Telegram Messenger group were published over the weekend. The embattled governor is rejecting calls to step down, stating, "I will continue my work and my responsibility to the people of Puerto Rico."

Britain's new Prime Minister faces a Brexit nightmare

When the UK's new prime minister takes over from Theresa May next Wednesday, he might immediately come to regret taking on this unenviable job.

What voters of UK ex-PM's party want

CNN's Hadas Gold goes to a conservative club in the seaside town of Lee-on-the-Solent to meet a few party members and hear what's driving their decision for UK's next prime minister.

NBA star comes to wife's defense

Chef and author Ayesha Curry was mocked for dancing the "Milly Rock." Her husband, NBA star Stephen Curry, is defending her.

Bald eagle stolen from wildlife refuge

Someone stole a bald eagle from the Quogue Wildlife Refuge on Long Island, NY. Now police are searching for the suspect who was captured on surveillance camera leaving the refuge.

Plane crash-lands in front of beachgoers

A small plane was seen making an emergency landing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of a beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

No one wants the middle seat on airplanes. This design could change that

It is a truth universally acknowledged that middle seats on airplanes are the worst.

Louvre removes Sackler family name from museum walls amid opioid controversy

The Louvre has removed the name of the Sackler family, owners of OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma, from the walls of one of its wings amid a growing scandal over its alleged connection with the US opioid crisis.

Postcard returned to sender -- 26 years later

It took 26 years for a postcard to make it from Hong Kong to Illinois, but the rest of the journey should go much quicker.

Celebrating 100 years of Hilton, who changed the hotel game

When the founder of your hotel company is a character on "Batman" and "Mad Men," you've officially crossed over from business to brand.

What it means to be a mixed-race model in Japan

For 18-year-old model Rina Fukushi, Tokyo is home. But growing up as a mixed-race child in Japan wasn't always easy. With a Japanese-American father and a Filipina mother, Fukushi was one of a growing number of biracial individuals identifying as "hafu" -- a phonetic play on the English word "half."

Instagrammers told not to swim in idyllic lake

Instagrammers have been warned not to dive into an idyllic-looking, turquoise lake in northern Spain, because its toxic waters could lead to health issues.

King Tut's coffin to be restored for the first time since it was discovered

Tutankhamun is one of the best known figures of Ancient Egypt, and now his coffin is getting some tender loving care.

'Bent Pyramid' opens for first time in more than 50 years

Tourists will be able to get inside the 4,600-year-old pyramid -- which is located at Dahshur, 40 kilometers from Cairo -- for the first time since 1965.

You can rent a night's stay in an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on Airbnb

Do you like hot dogs? Would you like to spend the night inside one?

'Deconstructed' devices reveal the beauty of everyday design

Canadian photographer Todd McLellan likes to dissect things. More than that, he likes to photograph all their myriad components, from the tiniest of screws to the bundles of wires and plastic parts that make them work. He does so by neatly laying out each item, or by capturing them as they tumble through the air, so that the original device -- a laptop, iPad, typewriter or Walkman -- appears to have exploded.

An antioxidant in red wine might power astronauts on Mars, study says

The human body was built to function best with gravity as a grounding force, but astronauts on a mission to Mars could spend between six to nine months on a spacecraft without it.

Video of airline passenger using screen with bare feet goes viral

In an age when plane passengers are shamed almost daily on social media for inappropriate behavior, it takes a lot to shock fellow fliers.

Boy band star might be in 'Little Mermaid'

Singer Harry Styles is rumored to play Prince Eric in the live-action movie "The Little Mermaid."

Bodies found piled on staircase as police investigate why a man torched a renowned anime studio in attack that claimed 33 lives

Grim details are starting to emerge from Japan's worst mass killing in almost 20 years, as police investigate why a man torched a renowned animation studio in Kyoto, killing 33 people.

Ilhan Omar responds to rally chant: Trump is 'spewing his fascist ideology'

Rep. Ilhan Omar said Thursday President Donald Trump is "spewing his fascist ideology" after Trump rallygoers chanted "Send her back!" about Omar as the President intensified his attacks on four congresswomen of color.

Trump claims he disavows 'send her back!' chant

President Donald Trump claimed Thursday to be unhappy that his rally crowd broke out into chants of "send her back" as he denigrated a Democratic lawmaker.

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